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Allergy & Nutrition

Here you will find all information on our main ingredients and any allergens that may be contained in each dish. The information shows which menu items are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. These are made using vegetarian and vegan ingredients. However, our preparation and cooking methods could mean they may come into contact with non-vegetarian and non-vegan ingredients.. If products are customised in any way, please be aware that allergen and nutritional information will no longer be accurate.

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Although we prepare our dishes in a safe and allergen free environment, dishes may still contain certain allergens so it is important for you to check the dish in question before purchasing. Our staff cannot recommend or tell you what is suitable for you to eat or drink.

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Here you will find all nutritional information of our dishes. This will include all calories, recommended daily allowances and other indicators to give you more information on your dish choice.

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